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Shop in Shop Montblanc Jewels


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Shop in Shop Montblanc

An important part of Store Grüber is occupied by the Shop in Shop Montblanc. Inserting a Montblanc store into a jewelery (the first in Italy) is probably the company's most forward-thinking choice, which is why "Montblanc Star of 2000" has been awarded for this reason.
Joining the ebbero star specimens to the most unusual design could seem a less risky choice, while in the vision of the "Gruber project" they were complementary, a synthesis of innovation and tradition. The arch. Milanese Marco Ferrari, a skilled interpreter of the ideal Gruber, has created, through creative but rigorous traits, the perfect place to express the value and beauty of the exhibits.
The Montblanc legend begins in 1906 when, fascinated by the first and experimental fountain pen, Voβ, Eberstein and Nehemias founded in Hamburg a workshop for the manufacture of a pen template containing an internal tank and, therefore, usable without the traditional canopy . A trader, a banker, and an engineer have put together the foundations of a company that has become famous all over the world.
Probably what has decreed the success of Montblanc's philosophy over the years has been a close link with the world of art and culture. In 1992, the "Montblanc de la Coulture Arts Patronage Awards" was born, awarding homage to art patrons in ten countries; So are the limited Edition: Patron of Art and Writers Edition. Montblanc is the only lender of the Philarmonia of the Nation, an orchestra composed by musicians from all over the world who performs with beneficial ends. In 2004, the project against illiteracy was born "Sign up for the right to write". In a year, funds were raised for $ 846,675 to be allocated to Unicef.
Every year, strictly limited Edition collections are dedicated to patronage, art and culture. The Writers Edition is the recognition for writing masters. The "Patron of Art" celebrates celebrities who have supported art and culture in history.
In 2006 Montblanc celebrates its first hundred years. For this recurrence in Hamburg, he has been working for almost a decade. Icon of this goal is the "Montblanc Diamond cut", a diamond with 43 star-faceted facets, to represent the symbol of the German house. There is nothing like the world; Nobody can boast, even today, the primacy of seeing their symbol in a diamond. In the same year, with the "Greta Garbo" the "Muses Edition" is launched. A collection that celebrates, with biennial cadence, the myth of cinema through its "dives", style and beauty icons capable of influencing the fashion and the cultural style of the time. "Garbo" has succeeded Marlene Dietrich, Ingrid Bergman, Princesse Grace in Monaco and Marlin Monroe in 2017.
The female universe is getting more and more space inside the Shop in shop Montblanc in Catania through dedicated collections of writing instruments, fine leather goods, jewelery, delicious fragrances and beautiful oroloiques.
The passion for High Watchmaking is the poster in the production of precious Montblanc timepiece at Le Locle ateliers and Mont Blanc Manifattura in Villeret (ex Manifattura Minerva).
2016 was the year of the 110th anniversary of the Maison Montblanc foundation and Gruber was the occasion to tell over a century of writing history through an exciting exhibition of great cultural value.
The Grüber style is perfected through a range of services ranging from timely after sales support to the ability to customize writing tools instantly.
Personalization turns a Montblanc, already exclusive in itself, as a unique, faithful and inseparable companion of ideas and thoughts. To give, therefore, a Montblanc engraved with the name, initials or, even, the signature shows an unforgettable manifestation of esteem and affection.
Gruber is thought of as a fashion and culture container, through which the public could imagine how to an art exhibition. No more, therefore, mere brokering of taste, but exclusive style interpretation.

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